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It Snowed

by Real Life Buildings

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jjj Discovered them when we saw them open for Mal Blum, and they were great.

Black Kettle is A+ internal contradictions and conflict.

One time the girlfriend and I went on a lengthy hike through brooklyn, and when we got back, exhausted, we recovered while listening to this album. It was magical. Favorite track: Black Kettle.
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it snowed in the sky today glancing up through your window from your mattress on the floor pure white was all i saw and i felt good, yeah i felt great and I felt safe inside your room, even knowing we’d leave soon get in your car - we didn’t have that far to go there was no snow
Thaw 02:31
i’ve been drinking coffee and tea out of the same mug without rinsing it and i’ve been thinking that i should get up cause its the morning but i haven’t yet because i’m watching the neighbors snowblower out my window get stuck the snow turned to ice weeks ago and i turned to ice weeks ago and now i’ve got to drive to the city for the show but there won’t be anywhere to park just mounds of snow pushed toward the curb and covered in all of the dirt of new york but the suns peaking out and the all its wavelengths get absorbed by my black jeans and my skin gets too hot, so the ice must be starting to melt and i’ve been setting my alarm earlier every morning so maybe i’m getting there
Black Kettle 03:11
in a dream we were heading passed a town it was late, and we wanted to make it to a campsite and it was cold - and i wanted to crawl into my sleeping bag and i was so looking forward to falling asleep and then i woke up its hard to know where to begin or what to begin with when you barely have time or energy to do more than just sit lean back and close your eyes and i don’t wanna get caught sleeping in because the air feels thicker and time moves slower but the clock turns faster and every movement takes a little more than you’re willing to give i can’t make myself stop thinking about the future long enough to know if i’m happy where i am and i can’t bring myself to talk to those around me when i’m always making plans to move somewhere better, somewhere cheaper, somewhere where I can have time, somewhere people don’t all wear cutoffs and have the same t-shirts that I do somewhere that still has all my friends somewhere that i know intimately well even though I’ve never been so i’m not jaded, i’m not bored, and i also don’t feel like i’m on the outside hoping i can find a door because right now i know it well enough and though i wouldn’t say i’m jaded its just maybe i don’t want to be here anymore
i’ve been thinking a lot about your toothbrush - how soft it felt on my gums, the ratio of sea-green grip to white plastic, wondering if i remember the color well enough to mix it - each night as i use my own its still not broken in and my gums bleed cause i don’t floss enough and my heart beats far less and that makes me think about your toothpaste, too i’m sure its far better for me than my own with much fewer ingredients i can’t pronounce the name of but i guess something sometime will surely kill me anyway maybe i should switch - yeah i probably should switch, but the taste won’t be as good without the cigarette residue which i only got from you i’ve been catching myself dreaming but it always wakes me up and i’ve been dreaming that we’re catching up and full of things to say and i’ve been waking up alone over a thousand miles away
Ground Cover 05:19
caffeine headaches and dirty snow banks everybody’s sliding off the road but its starting to clear up, the snow turns to rain but the road stays the same endless stretch of salt stained gray i could’ve just stayed in bed but i’m teaching myself not to get so scared so easily we ruined it by walking through it it was only perfect until we got there its not a very practical ground cover and if i get so stressed about gas prices why can’t i just download gasbuddy for my phone do i know i would never stop to check it - maybe try while driving but hopefully there’ll be someone in the car who could check it for me and i know that it just comes down to geography but i feel like the grass is always greener there and i know that it just comes down to geography but i feel like the trees all grow taller there and i know that its largely cause of geography that I can’t be close to everybody all at once but in snow world its hard to want to go outside because we’ll ruin it by walking through it
To Settle 01:09
its going to be weird going back to canada without you even though i only knew you there for like a week - that's how i remember it: us walking down up and down the streets i think that we were happy, but not satisfied this time i’d settle for content this time i’d settle for just two more months to make it through for “i’m not going to stay here” or “i don’t know why i came here” but maybe i wouldn’t settle if you were going back there too and today i finally wrote to you cause it took some time to think it through not because i didn’t want to write - its just that filling you in on the details of my life seems trivial and i haven’t had any revelations let alone any insightful conversations so there's not much to report
every time i find a sock i lose another one so every time i do my laundry i’m met with mild excitement followed by feeling regular sometimes it feels like i’m on pavement chasing shopping carts pushed into the farthest corners and abandoned next to parking spots they wait helplessly for me to come and round them up but every time i push some home there's always new ones waiting and i’m not sure if this is brought on by not being able to keep track of socks but it makes me anxious thinking about tasks that can’t be completed but aren’t quite important enough to be called Sisyphean and anxious about self-employed uncertainty so i’m terrified of jobs and generally unhappy with money so when i die i hope my name makes it on to a park bench in a golf course somewhere in westchester because maybe that’ll mean whatever task i did i at least did it okay like a tetris build up sometimes you can stay ahead but only so much will fall into place I would rather wait till the blocks stop falling to sort it out I would rather wait till the blocks stop falling
My Shoes 02:56
my shoes never stay tied anymore its like they don’t want me to walk any farther than I already have i’ve walked in them for over two years and they are tired. and i don’t blame them. because my feet start to sweat immediately so it can’t be nice in there and i always lace them tight i never slip them on and off pull from the bottom to the top and finish with a double knot but it still never lasts - so i can’t make it very far i can’t even walk to my car with out kneeling over, lacing them up again. and I can’t even ride my bike a goddamn mile without my shoelaces catching in the chain so i have to lace them up again after i back pedal them out and i know what that feels like and it doesn’t feel good. they don’t bleed, but i can see where they’ve torn and how they’re wearing thin so i don’t blame them. their soles are still hardy but their laces hardly hold me so maybe its time to just sit down.
the wind was so strong i could barely make it down the hill though i was only coasting in a hollow town where the only light is from the funeral home and its motion activated but i’ve got dried fruit from the family dollar so my satisfaction is guaranteed and i guess i’m satisfied - light headed, hollow chested, not well rested, and hiding half a world from everyone I know building a cocoon but i’m not gonna come back a butterfly and i’m not gonna come back a moth i probably won’t come back any different (maybe a little older) if i even come back at all. maybe i won’t come back at all, cause i drove pretty damn far to not be here but i guess every time you go it gets a little more clear just what you are leaving behind and i rode pretty damn far to get to your door and i’m glad i came but i’m still not sure if this is where i belong i hope each time we get coffee, its incidental. what i mean is i hope we never have to make plans to get coffee, i hope we just get it sometimes when we’re together so its never monumental meaning i hope we spend a lot of time together despite being in different places so we don’t ever have to make a plan to sit down to catch up cause that would probably be over coffee. light headed hollow chested not well rested and hiding half a world from everyone I know building a cocoon but its not gonna make me any stronger and its not gonna shield me from the rain and it won’t protect me from obligation though it won’t keep me busy but it will hold me all the same where i am the clocks no longer keep track of time and the mazes of fences don’t measure property lines they’re just arbitrary markings of a relative place so you don’t know where your going just which direction you face
I Wanted To 00:56
I wanted to write you a letter but i got caught up with other things I wanted to make you feel better without saying “everything will be okay” and so I made a drawing just for you and saved some scraps to send with it too but they just sat on my desk, and it started to feel stupid
its hard to speak when I start to dwell on the absence of our words analyze it, wonder why it feels like there’s nothing to say when want so bad to say so many things I’ve grown used to not caring all that much but now I do and I feel this pressure and I get so in my head for every action, every word i haven’t said I just want you to be with me I just want you to forgive me for not letting you be you’ve always stayed a part of me


This record is now a "demo"! Haha..

Matthew Van Asselt wrote the songs, played guitar, and sang.
Mike Ditrio played drums and bass, plus recorded, mixed, and mastered everything. Thanks Mike! He also played the banjo on Toothbrush and Shoes, and added all the excellent feedback and also shredded on a Relative Place. Thanks again, Mike!

We recorded everything over four days on a porch and in a barn in Maine. It was really nice.

Mt. Home released the cassette, with artwork by Anna Shepperson.
Thanks Anna!

There are many folks who these songs are centered around - the Act of Estimating crew, with whom I shared the adventure where this record more or less starts - and many others. Thanks.

This record is also for Michelle. There was a whole series of songs more specifically for Michelle that didn't make it into the world. They need more work. Hopefully sometime, they will.


released November 6, 2014


all rights reserved



Real Life Buildings New York, New York

we are a band and there are some people in the band and we like to play music.

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