The Setting

from Ohio and West by Real Life Buildings



it starts with a setting of the scene
some small moment that lingered long enough
or came back a second time
the white noise you don’t notice until it's gone
(and now its gone)
a garage door closes -
seen from the highway as we speed by
two windows shutting at exactly the same time
but the road still stretches out ahead
a trite metaphor spied from behind the wheel
a reference to something personal in vague enough terms
It’s meaning can be assigned as is necessary

then it begins to rain
starts out as just a drizzle the wipers just make it worse
they spread the water into a thin veil and there’s another added layer of obscurity

or it begins to snow
it begins to snow hard
and you have to slow down
it begins to snow
three lanes become one
and the landscape fades outside of the window
your arms are tense and your heart is pounding and you’re bound together now

or there’s no significant weather
or is the weather insignificant
There was enough coffee in me to still be useful
so road finally ended or at least we got out of the car
is it significant whether or not we both moved here by accident
we act like we need a reason to leave
the car we passed in the garage just getting home after work somewhere out past kansas city
it experiences inertia just the same as my own car passing on the highway


from Ohio and West, released March 29, 2019


all rights reserved



Real Life Buildings New York, New York

we are a band and there are some people in the band and we like to play music.

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